home coming...home preparation

Open up your home

After that long journey how nice would it be to find ...the shutters open, the house is aired, the heating & water have been switched on, the fire is set, and as you walk into your Salon you can smell the sweet scent of fresh flowers... 

This is how we would like you to find your home if you asked us to 'open it up' for your arrival. 

Food supplies

For your convenience or special home coming... we can also deliver on the day of your arrival, a personally selected hamper of your choice.  It will be overflowing with a range of local and regional French produce.

Back to basics

Baguette et Campagnard, Patisseries, Beurre, Confiture, Fromages, Lait, Yaourts, Fruits, Oeufs d'Aisey sur Seine etc...

Fruits of France

Baguette et Campagnard, Patisseries, Beurre, Confiture, Fromages, Lait, Yaourts, Fruits,Oeufs d'Aisey sur Seine, Saucisses, Fruits et Legumes du saison, Gateaux, Biscuits etc...